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The Budleigh Riding School (Heatherways Stables) Home Bred Competition Horses

In addition to the riding school horses at Budleigh Riding School we have been breeding our own top quality horses for use in the riding school since 1994. We originally imported 5 warmblood horses from Oldenburg in Germany and bred from 3 of them. In addition we bred from a Thoroughbred mare bought here in England. These have formed the basis of all our home bred competition horses – we do not buy any in to compete but simply compete the ones we breed in whichever discipline they excel in.

Below is a brief summary of what we have bred and how they’ve done to date. All our horses are home trained for use in the riding school by Chrissy and Rob with help from Carl Hester, Peter Cook and Claire Sansom:



World Walzer:
Registered Oldenburg mare. Born 1991 and imported from Germany as a 3 year old. She has since bred 3 wonderful foals who are all out competing very successfully.

Info& competition history:
Walzer was bought at a glance – Chrissy walked passed her stable (of course she wasn’t for sale) & just fell in love with her – she is a beautiful mare & after much persuasion by Mrs Howick to the owner (helped along by a few schnapps!) she was bought having seen just a quick trot up - & backed and trained by Chrissy when she got to England. Walzy competed both in riding club and affiliated dressage and show jumping competitions gaining 67 affiliated dressage points before retiring from competition for breeding and use in the riding school. She competed up to Advanced Medium dressage level and reached regional finals at Novice and Elementary level – competing at the British Dressage National Finals at Stoneleigh at Novice level in 1998. She is now used in the riding school for experienced clients, examination training and university competitions.

Sire – Weltcup (Old) Internationally graded and performance tested show jumping stallion by Weltmeister (Hann).
Dam – Unlanka (Old)
DOB – 23/04/91


Dagon’s Dancer (Dancey):
One of our first home bred horses. Registered Oldenburg mare. Born 1995 from our own Walzer.

Info & competition history:
Dancey is the most amazing horse on the yard in terms of what she has achieved over the years. She will adapt herself to anything & has been known to be competing in top level dressage, being dressed up as Rudolph, and having to take a beginner out all within a few days of each other!

Dancey has accrued 292 dressage points over the years starting at preliminary level as a 4 year old including 3rd place in the Shearwater Potential National Dressage horse as a 5 year old and rising to Intermediare I level in 2009. She therefore now competes against the top tiny percentage of horses in the country – many of which have cost thousands and millions and live that lifestyle rather than one of the riding school horse which Dancer leads!. She also has a bit of a handicap because her back is very roach shaped with lumps on her spine - which in any sales or purchase of dressage horses would not be given a chance to even attempt most of the advanced dressage movements.

In the past Dancey has qualified for regional championships on a yearly basis from Novice to Prix St George level and has got to the British National Dressage championships once at elementary level.

In 2009 Dancey took part in the British Winter Championships at Advanced Medium level and has qualified for the 2010 South West winter regional championships held at Kingston Maurward in February for Prix St George to Music. She also qualified for the Petplan South West Festival at Prix St George level achieving 2nd place & qualifying her to go on to the British National Winter Championships final at this level in 2010. This will take place at Hartpury in April & she will be travelling with her pals Harry and Gypsy.

Dancey also loves jumping and hacking in her spare time and has competed in British Eventing and also at the BHS National Hunter trials final at Windsor great park. She is a very confident horse who has her own ideas on what goes on in life and how we should handle her! – However she will do anything for you and this strong and trainable character has helped her overcome any hurdles in her path to achieve the top level that she has got to against the odds.
Chrissy is hoping to enter her for a Grand Prix dressage test sometime in the near future before they both retire!

Sire – Dagon (Hann) International graded and performance tested Hanoverian dressage stallion – by Dirk (Hann)
Dam – World Walzer – see details above.
DOB – 23/06/95


Heatherways Sultan (Harry):
Thoroughbred x Holstein gelding. Harry is another of our first batch of home bred horses – born in 1995 he is the only foal from our own Bessy (Heatherways Myth Bebe) who sadly passed away in 2009.

Info & competition history:
Harry is the original cheeky chappy. With many confidence issues at the start of his life we really didn’t think he would get very far in life – WELL he certainly proved us wrong – although it has taken a lot of perseverance from the riders point of view and an enormous amount of patience and understanding of how Harrys brain works!!.

Harry has had a career in Eventing and Dressage & despite his late start in life has done amazingly well. At affiliated British Eventing level he competed at Novice level –winning many events and going on to compete nationally at this level and has earned affiliated points. More recently he just does eventing for fun so has stuck to pre-novice and Novice levels. He has also competed very successfully in Riding Club open team and individual eventing being placed and winning numerous events including two day events.

Harry’s dressage really took off all of a sudden and he has competed at numerous regional finals up to Advanced Medium level and at winter championships in dressage with jumping achieving 7th, 8th 9th and 10th places at various levels. Harry now has accrued 166 dressage points. In 2009 Harry took part in the British Winter Dressage Championships in open dressage with jumping achieving 10th place. He was placed 3rd and 10th at his only affiliated eventing competitions he took part in (Moreton and Pontispool) in that year and has managed to compete and gain points at Prix St George Dressage level in 2009.

Harry has also qualified for the 2010 National Winter Championships in open dressage with jumping.

Harry never ceases to amaze us (and impress the judges with his cheeky style and smile it seems) with the results he gains and he just really loves any form of competition or showing off in public. He has an obsessive love of Dancer which means unfortunately it’s a disaster if they ever travel together – but they did grow up together and were born within a week of each other – they look after each other and if they had their way would live in the same stable together never leaving each others sides.

Chrissy is hoping to compete in some dressage to music classes with Harry in 2010 as he loves a bit of Dancing – but unfortunately we have not had the time to do any more up to this point!.

Sire – Maximillian Saluut (Hol). Graded 110 day performance tested Holstein stallion & Grand Prix Showjumper – by Ronald (Hol).
Dam – Heatherways Myth Bebe (Bessy) – by Button Bright (racehorse)
DOB – 10/06/95


Heatherways Gypsy Star (Gypsy)
Oldenburg x mare – born 2002 – from our own Star (Heatherways Starlight). Gypsy was a late foal born in August as Star had had problems earlier in the year getting into foal. She was our only foal for that year and was a bit of a last minute decision.

Info & competition history:
Gypsy has had an amazingly successful 2009 year with Rob. Having only been affiliated with British Dressage in September of that year she managed to accrue 32 dressage points in five competitions with a fantastic top score of 71.38% & has already managed a write up in Horse and Hound during her first few affiliated dressage competitions!

Rob & Gypsy qualified for the South West Petplan Dressage Festival at Novice level coming 10th in 2009. They also qualified for the British Dressage regional Winter Championships in Dorset at Novice level and also for the National Championships at Hartpury in Combined Training at Preliminary level for 2010. We very much look forward to those championships which will take place in February and April 2010 especially as three of our home bred horses have qualified so it will be a big trip.

Gypsy is not only a dressage horse – she has been taking part in affiliated British Eventing as well. With a slow start to the 2009 season due to Rob having to have an emergency appendix operation they did not manage to get out and about until August & September that year (with the season ending in October it didn’t give them very long). However Gypsy took part in 3 events – Nutwell Court (Devon), Pontispool (Somerset) and Moreton (Dorset) with 7th and 10th Place respectively. In 2010 she will be starting at pre-Novice and hopefully end the season at Novice level.

Gypsy is a very adaptable and loving horse eager to please in every way. She is used for riding school experienced clients and university competitions as well as being our competition horse – after all she has to pay her way! It is a great pleasure to have Gypsy on the yard especially as we watched and nurtured her from the start. She is our wonderful star and set to go far hopefully.

Sire – Grannex
Dam – Heatherways Starlight (see details below)
DOB – 08/02


Heatherways Donnersonata (Sunny)
Warmblood mare born in 2002 from our own Walzer and by Donnersong - a stallion competed by British Olympic rider Carl Hester.

Info & competition history:
Sunny is a complicated but very talented and beautiful mare. She is currently competing at affiliated Novice level dressage and has accrued 33 points so far. When Sunny is good she is fantastic – but she likes to challenge her rider and keeps Chrissy on her toes permanently. She is also a very talented showjumper – when she wants to be!. The one thing you can say about Sunny whether misbehaving or not is she always is amazing to look at – a real head turner!

Sire – Donnersong (British Warmblood)
Dam – World Walzer – see above
DOB – 21/04/03


Heatherways Lilly Lightening (Lilly)
Lilly is one of our more recent foals born in 2005 from our own Star who has just started competing in 2009 as a four year old.

Info & competition history:
Lilly has been instructor Gemma Hartley’s project horse since early 2009. She is a lovely character and will be a good all rounder. Lilly has done very well for her age managing to get out and about to some local competitions in 2009 where she has taken part in unaffiliated dressage and show jumping being placed every time she has been out. She has also hunted and taken part in most riding school activities.

She shows great potential to be an all round competition horse and we really look forward to her maturing and competing in the future.


Heatherways Prince of Thunder (Prince)
Prince is another more recent foal from 2005 (born within a week of Lilly and both born in separate thunder storms!) out of our own ‘Walzer’ and by Pro set - another Carl Hester ridden stallion.

Info & competition history:
Having been backed by Chrissy & Rob with help from Martin Schneider (Gloucester) Prince has just started competing having done 2 affiliated dressage competitions in 2009. He is doing fantastically well having been placed 3rd and 1st in those. He is currently continuing his traning at the riding school and will be out competing again soon.

Sire – Pro-Set
Dam – World Walzer
DOB – 30/06/05


Heatherways Nemesis (Nemo)
Nemo is our most recent foal – born on 6th of the 6th 06 – hence her name!. She is our only foal from our own Meggie (our very first home bred horse at the riding school) by another one of Carl Hester’s Stallions ‘Negretto’.

Info & competition history:
Nemo is just starting to be backed by Rob and instructor Claire Currey – and although we think she may have inherited a few of Meggies slightly awkward characteristics she has fantastic paces and has been very good so far. She is a people horse & loves cuddles and attention and will let you do anything with her – we just have to wait and see whether she is willing to do any of the work herself rather than making us do it all!.

Sire – Negretto (Dutch Warmblood)
Dam – Heatherways Megastar (see below)
DOB – 06/06/06


Heatherways Megastar (Meggie)
Our very first home bred horse born in 1992 & backed and trained by Mel Howick.

Info & competition history:
Meggie has competed at riding club level in all levels of competition achieving elementary level dressage and also taking part in British Eventing Horse Trials. She also qualified for and took part in the BHS National Hunter Trial finals at Windsor.

Meggie is not and has never been an easy horse that is part of her unique character! – Although she loves people and is very gentle she grew to a rather large 18hh and her idea of work is slightly different to most peoples! Having said that, when she does go well she usually wins – and looks absolutely stunning – it just has to be on her terms rather than the riders and it takes an intelligent and experienced rider to get the best out of her.
Meggie is now used in the riding school for experienced riders, instructors and university competitions.

Sire – Dagon (Hann) – international graded and performance tested Hannoverian dressage stallion by Dirk (Hann)
Dam – Heatherways Starlight (Old) – see below
DOB – 070/5/92


Heatherways Ted
Warmblood gelding – Ted is one of our imports from Germany born in 1991.

Info & competition history:
Ted competed successfully at riding club level in his early years and gave many instructors at the riding school a lovely ride at competition level. He is a wonderful gentle character and very intelligent horse. Ted is now used solely in the riding school and for university competitions.

Sire – Dagon (Hann) international graded and performance tested Hannovarian dressage stallion by Dirk (Hann)
Dam – Waldfee (old)
DOB – 01/05/91


Heatherways Starlight (Star):
Oldenburg mare - our first import from Germany – picked from a field of 100 mares by Mrs Howick!

Info & competition history:
Star competed successfully at riding club level in dressage, show jumping and horse trials and is a lovely easy horse to deal with and ride. Unfortunately due to an injury at a reasonably young age she has been unable to be ridden since then. However she has made a fantastic brood mare mothering four of our home bred horses.

Sire – Unlan (Old) International graded and performance tested Oldenburg stallion – by Usurpator (Th)
DOB – 7/03/87